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Out of noise  -心世界のフクロウ-

Out of noise  -心世界のフクロウ-


















Out of noise -Owl in the spirit-


The owl, a symbol of wisdom and mysticism since time immemorial.

In Ancient Greece the owl was the servant of the goddess of Athena. In animist societies, it acted as the intermediary between the human world and the world of the gods and spirits, while in Japan, the Ainu people worshipped the owl god Kotan-kor-kamuy (protector god of the forest). The mystical nature of the owl transcended the animal realm, becoming a linchpin of human worship and reverence.

In certain times and places, however, the owl also had a history of being persecuted as an inauspicious bird, thus acting as mirror reflecting “the souls” of the people of those ages.

In modern times, as our age experiences ever greater acceleration, where people are daily hounded by economic needs, their receptibility to a spiritual connection to nature or to an invisible, mystical world, has begun to fade into shadow.

Now, looking at the burden we place on a global scale, humanity is in a time of transition about which path it should go down. I take as my theme, the separation from the noise of the everyday, and the coming face-to-face with my quiet “soul,” through the strength that I borrow from the wise and mystical image of “the owl.”

To me “the owl” looks deep into the wellspring of human life, and provides a symbol of progress in harmony with the age in which we live.

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